Hi! I'm Katy. Nice to meet you.

I'm an event and lifestyle photographer from Southeast, Michigan. When I was little, I fell in love love with the idea of freezing a moment in time and being able to re-live the memory captured in that single image. I want to be able to capture those beautiful moments for you.

I have schooling in photography and I've been actively photographing pretty much everything I could since 2013. I love pizza and pepsi more than any human probably should. Mashed potatoes are a close second. When I'm not out shooting, I'm probably buying or reading a new book, spending time with my family or friends. I'm really just a giant goofball who really enjoys everything about photography and art in general. If you're a giant goofball as well, we'll get along great and I'd love to work with you. (Non goofballs, I'd still love to work with you, I promise).

For inquiries, or if you just want to say hello, please email [email protected]

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