Alyssa & Steve

I remember my mom yelling for me across the house to me one day. I walked into her room and she looked at me and said “Remember Kim that I used to work with? Her daughter Alyssa is getting married, I think you should try to shoot her wedding.” I kinda laughed it off, but I immediately went into my room to my computer to add Alyssa on facebook and talk to her about it. I think I just commented on a facebook post at the time, but that sparked it. I’m not sure how Alyssa & Steve immediately felt, but I was really stoked when they decided to have me photograph their wedding. After a few weeks of emails back and forth, we set up a date for their engagement photos. We took their engagement photos last October and it was a great time. Fast forward a few months, we’re at Panera finalizing all the details and making sure everything can run as smoothly as possible. These two are some of the funniest, most kindhearted humans I’ve ever met, and I’m so thankful that they trusted me enough to be apart of their wedding day. Every single part of their day was perfect, it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.  (Okay, it could’ve been a little less toasty out, not gonna lie. I’m sure we all melted a little bit.) So, thank you Alyssa & Steve, you’re both wonderful, I hope marriage is treating you great so far & that it continues to do so. 

Ceremony - Wolcott Mill
Reception - Armada Fair Grounds

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