Sticky Situations.

Amidst having a week off before the last 2 1/2 weeks of this run, Cobrette, Brett and myself stayed at some friends houses in Los Angeles. Cobrette and I had walked to Target to grab some groceries since we were crashing there for a bit, some key items being waffles and alas, the syrup. I realized since I was going home for a few days to shoot a wedding that I wasn’t going to end up using all of the syrup, so I figured I’d try to convince Cobrette to let me cover him in syrup. Convincing him was way easier than I thought. So, with a little of Brett’s help, the shoot came to life. We just did the shoot in the shower of the bathroom where we were staying to make cleanup quite easy. 

Fifth and Main // Pontiac, MI

I’ve been apart of the local scene here in southeast, MI for a long time. It’s always great when a new band enters the scene and blows your mind. Fifth and Main was that band for me a few years ago. I used to volunteer at a venue called The Warehouse. I first saw them play there, and I do believe they were all still in high school at the time. (Correct me if I’m wrong friends). Ever since then, they’ve grown immensely, both sound wise & as people, and I’m super proud of them. They sold out their show at the Pike Room in Pontiac on April 29th and it was incredible. 

Rival Summers // Ferndale, MI

Leo Bautista has been a friend of mine for quite some time now. He’s created this essence so to speak with Rival Summers. No matter where you are when you see Rival Summers , no matter who you’re with, the experience is always magical. There’s this incredible community that’s been built in the music scene and he’s always one to make sure that’s known during his shows. Here’s a few of my favorites from this show.

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