The Ordinary People, Extraordinary Tour January ‘17

I met the guys in Sink In a couple years ago briefly at a show in Michigan. I had seen them a few times before that, but didn’t really take the time out to talk to them (awful move on my part, I know I know). When I toured with American Arson, I got to spend a little bit of time with these guys at some of the shows and they immediately grew on me. Fast forward a few months and the guys had asked me to join them for the Ordinary People, Extraordinary Tour. So on January 5th, I headed towards Pennsylvania to meet up with them. It was pretty much a month filled of pure awesome, if that’s cliche enough for you. Thankful for this family I’ve created with these goofballs. Keep your eyes peeled for Sink In this year, they’re up to some crazy shenanigans. 

American Arson Summer 2016

American Arson had plans for a summer tour across the Central and Western United States and I was fortunate enough to be able to tag along. It was a pretty crazy time. Major shoutout to Evan and Jesse for letting me join them and put my camera in their faces everyday. Here’s some of my favorite images from each show, starting with Minneapolis.

Watchinyeya Fest in Fort Yates, ND.

Denver, CO (Night 1)

Denver, CO (Night 2)

Simi Valley, CA

North Hollywood, CA

Oakland, CA

Medford, OR

Eugene, OR

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