Hello, nice to (sort of) meet you! I'm Katy, the owner of Meininger Media.

First and foremost I'm a photographer that specializes in live events, weddings, product and portrait photography. I also do design work and video work. 

That's a lot of things you mentioned above. Wow.

Yeah, I'm the person to be a jack of all trades. I like to be busy and constantly doing something creative. I went to school initally for Photography, then I went for Design. Then I decided to go back to school for Mass Communication geared towards marketing.

Are you available on *insert date here*?
There’s a good chance I have openings, although I do have some extended dates I'm out of town for. Contact me below and we’ll figure it out!

How much do you charge?
Contact me and we can discuss details for pricing your creative needs further!

Do you edit your photos?
Yes I do! Every single photo you receive will be edited for the basics (exposure, contrast, color correction, minimal blemish removal, etc). If there is something specific you want done, let me know.

To see some of my design work, click here.

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