Hello, nice to (sort of) meet you!

I'd love the chance to get to know you & take some photos for you.

So, what do you even take photos of?
Good question! When I first started out, it was just concerts and some portraits of friends here and there. I've done quite a few weddings, engagement sessions, senior portraits, portraits of pets, birthday parties, bridal showers, maternity photos, etc. You name it, I've probably taken photos of it. There isn't anything I'm not willing to try.

Are you available on *insert date here*?
There’s a good chance I have openings, although I do have some extended dates I'm out of town for. Contact me below and we’ll figure it out!

How much do you charge?
Contact me and we can discuss details for pricing your session further!

Do you edit your photos?
Yes I do! Every single photo you receive will be edited for the basics (exposure, contrast, color correction, minimal blemish removal, etc). If there is something specific you want done, let me know.

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